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How do I draft like an expert?

Receive expert drafting advice which is trusted by thousands of players for a million picks, on a daily basis!

How much reach does my deck have?

Evaluate your deck using our extensive deck coverage tab; see your deck in a new light, from board clears to survivability.

Cult Master or Spellbreaker?

Driven by a well-tested algorithm, our dynamic card values adapt to your unique draft, helping you make winning choices!

What are the best combos in my deck?

Extract maximum value out of your cards by recognizing synergies before bringing your deck into the Arena!

Aggro-Control or Mid-Range?

Experience our revolutionary deck archetype algorithm that helps you understand your deck's optimal playstyle.

How do I keep track of my progress?

Identify trends in your Arena runs and learn from your mistakes using our integrated stats-tracking features.