HearthArena Companion v2 Overlay App

HearthArena Companion v2 - A Hearthstone

overlay app to draft & track your Arena Runs

completely rebuilt in 2021

now with Mercenaries support ;)

Arena Features
Get expert in-game draft advicewe already adviced on 1.5+ billion picks and counting...

The HearthArena Tierlistby multiple top infinite arena players
Prepare for battle learn more about the synergies & mechanics of your drafts
In-depth statisticstrack your performance and build your profile
Deck Trackertrack cards with support for all in-game languages
Arena Class Tierlistin-depth statistics of each class in Arena
Card Gallerylearn the cards that define the meta
Arena Runs Archiveskeep track and view of all your arena runs
Review your draftsee what you could have picked differently

Mercenaries Features
Mercenaries Tierlistfind-out which mercenaries to get first
Learn each Mercenaryin a user friendly way

More coming soon!